With our business solutions we want to be your one stop source for all
your companies marketing and image needs. We can help you with all of
your marketing needs from business cards, tshirts, polo shirts, vinyl
graphics, decals, stickers, embroidery and letterhead. Our staff of
creators can also help you with your logo needs. Whether your company
needs a new logo or your are just starting out, a logo will set the image for
your business.
Please inquire to

We thought it would be fun to show you how we draw our cars and
designs. All of our images are all hand drawn. We still do things the
old-fashioned way. Our cars are all hand drawn individually one at a time.
It all starts with some sketches and then we work in some of the details.
Once we are satisfied with the final sketches, the designs get hand painted.

         Can you find all the changes in all the designs below?
Here's just a few of the many designs we have done for some of our business clients.
Let us help you create a new and memorable image for your company. Simply send
us an email to
Maddmaxart@aol.com for a quote. Give us a couple of ideas you may
have in your email and we'll be happy to help you out.
Here's a couple of our custom cars we have drawn for some very satisfied
customers!! If you would like to have one drawn of your personal car, we can
certainly do that for you. The process begins with you sending us some pictures of
your car and any details you would like added to the design. We will then draw up
some sketches and email them to you for approval. Once you are satisfied with the
sketches, we will begin painting your car. The final art print is then shipped you
your residence for framing. The cost to draw a custom car starts at $250.- and up
depending on options added to the design. A deposit of half down is also required
before we can begin drawing. If you would like to have your car drawn, please email
us at
Maddmax Car Art copyright 2010