All Madd Dogg T-shirts are printed on heavyweight cotton shirts. The images
of the Boss302 on the shirts are as detailed as the art prints. These are not
transfers or silk screened. We use a new printing process whereby the ink is
applied directly to the apparel using textile inks, much like a tattoo. The
colors are wash resistant and will retain their brilliance throughout the
useful life-time of the garment. These will NOT crack or peel like screen
prints or transfers. This is an officially licensed Ford Motors Co design.
Boss 302 Apparel
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Size & Style - Shirt Color - Car Color - Qty -

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Other Cool Products
The chrome keychain features the car on both sides of the
keychain. The leather keychain features heavy bonded

The parking sign is all aluminum and the images are printed
directly to the sign. These come with 2 pre-drilled holes
for easy hanging. Can be hung up indoors or outdoors and
are great gift ideas.